I started A.D’S equine sports massage therapy & rehabilitation in 2013. I have worked on horses of all disciplines and sizes. Top quality care for your equine athletes is important and I want you help you succeed. I love being able to help horses feel better and helping their owners see where they are sore and why they may sometimes act up!I like to keep massage sessions hands on with the owner so they can see what I find and why their horses is having issues in a certain area! Each Horse is different and i put together a plan based on your horses needs. I offer equine sports massage therapy, canine massage therapy, thermal imaging, raindrop therapy,  Rehabilitation, PEMF therapy for horses, dogs, cattle, & people. I also offer natural equine supplements & products.

Equine Sports Massage Therapy & Rehabilitation
•Ne Indiana equine sports massage & rehab facility

•Masterson method
•Thermal Imaging
  •Raindrop Therapy Class

•trigger-point therapy

•myofascial release

manual lymphatic drainage