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Before & after of PEMF Therapy & equine massage

Common behavior issues related to back pain and or saddle fit:

Difficult to shoe
Cold- backed while mounting
Bucks or rolls excessively
Reluctant to stride out
Slow to warm up or relax while riding
Inability to travel straight
Falters or resists during transitions
Head tossing​​
Fidgeting while mounting/dismounting
Objection to being saddled or tightening of girth/cinch
Difficulty going down hill
Rider constantly having to adjust position
Twists over fences
Difficulty maintaining collection or impulsion
Hypersensitivity to brushing
Unable or unwilling to round back or neck​If your horse is showing any of these signs they could benefit from massage & or PEMF.

PEMF Therapy is beneficial for people, horses, dogs, cattle & pigs.

PEMF increases:  Range of motion
 Immune system
PEMF decreases:  Toxins & cell waste
Build up of lactic acid 
Benefits Of Equine Massage
Promotes healing by increasing the flow of nutrients to the muscles and carrying away excessive fluids and toxins. Reduces inflammation and swelling in joints, thereby alleviating pain, by improving circulation. Creates a positive effect on the contractual and release process of the muscles. When tension is released, muscle relax. Assists in balancing the body by treating the body as a whole rather than each individual part. Stimulates circulation by “defrosting frozen muscles” thereby releasing endorphins- natural pain killers. Improved circulation also increases the excretion of toxins through the skin. 

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